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Reviewed by Randy Jackson
Written by Alan Moore, Art by Dave Gibbons
Publisher: DC Comics

Synopsis: A group of costumed heroes attempt to prevent another from carrying out a nefarious plan to save the world.

Good Stuff: Hmm. Not a very well known comic, is it?

I could probably write and entire 200 page book about this comic, and still not delve deeply enough into the layers within this comic, the characterization, the story within a storyóbut I will not do so, as many others have done so before. Instead, Iíll just say that this is a great story, and that this is one of the most important and influential stories of the 20th century. If you love comics, and you havenít read this story, you should.

Not so Good Stuff: Not much that I can think of.

I give this book 10/10.

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